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San’in Kaigan National Park
Tottori Sand Dunes

2164-971 Yuyama, Fukube, Tottori 689-0105
■Map code
125 733 831 *70
Tottori Sand Dunes

Access from outside the prefecture

For Visitors Traveling by Car

20min from Tottori Interchange on the Tottori Expressway

●About expressway toll and route

For Visitors Traveling by Car

For Visitors Traveling by Train

Access from Tottori city


2164-971 Yuyama, Fukube-cho, Tottori-shi, Tottori 689-0105

Visitors traveling by Car

Approx.20 min from Tottori IC on Tottori expressway

The Nearest Bus stop

“Sakyu-kaikan” or “Sakyu-Higashiguchi”

Entrance Free. No Entrancee Gate

Visitors traveling by Bus(Apprx.20min from Tottori station)

▼Get a bus “Iwami-Iwai Line” or “Sakyu Line” at Tottori station bus terminal

Parking Lot

No dedicated parking lot at our facility.
Please use “Tottori Sand Dunes Parking Lot” , located in front of Tottori sand dunes visitor center.

Parking rate (every 24 hours)

Car          500yen
Minibus 500yen
Large bus 2,000yen
Motorbike 200yen


The restroom is in the parking lot.
(sink unit for ostomate is equipped)

Inquiry about Parking lot

9:00-17:00 General Incorporated Foundation Nature Park Foundation Tottori Branch 0857-23-7652
(Other times than above - call center 0120-553-350)

*There are no admission restrictions to the parking lot. Parking is available early in the morning and at night.