Different seasons show different scenes

The landscape of the Tottori Sand Dunes changes gradually according to the seasons.
A blanket of snow sometimes covers the Tottori Sand Dunes in winter, and a big oasis appears in the center of the dunes from late autumn to spring.


The spring of the Tottori Sand Dunes comes from the sea.
The warm sea sends soft breezes.
Even though the strong winds sometimes blowdown,
when the sand storm stops, the plants open their leaves
and the flowers begin to bloom all together in the dunes.
The flower carpet starts from the shore side and spreads to the inland.


White feathery snowflakes keep falling quietly.
It will cover the sand dunes with a blanket of snow.
Only you can hear is the sound of the wind blowing and the tide,
and the cries of black-tailed gulls that sounds sadly.
The sand dunes hibernate in snowy winter.
A blast of wind runs through the snowy dunes lying quietly,
and powdered snow is dancing in the clear blue sky.


White sand shines brightly in the midday sunlight and reflects the heat of the sun.
However, when the excitement subsides and the noise quiets down in the evening,
the sand dunes get colored crimson at sunset, and when the sun goes down,
darkness covers Umanose the Horse’s Back in the dusk.
When you lie with your arms and legs sprawled out on the sand, the sea breeze makes you comfortable,
the Milky Way flows in the night sky, and the number of fishing lights on squid fishing boat glow on the horizon.
If you close your eyes in the silence, you will feel like your body blend harmoniously into the sand.


The next morning after a violent storm with rains and strong winds in the dunes,
otherworldly sand columns appear on the sand canvas.
Small sand columns orderly stand as if they are living creatures.
A natural artwork created by sand and wind,
it's beautiful landscape that makes you hesitate to leave a footprint.