Tanegaike Pond Area

A mystical large oasis located to the south of the Tottori Sand Dunes


The pond was formed naturally dammed by the sand from the dunes.

Tanegaike Pond, located right next to the Tottori Sand Dunes, formed by naturally dammed by the sand from the dunes. Water lilies bloom on the lake surrounded by trees.

Kayaking to enjoy the four seasons of Tanegaike Pond

Even small children can enjoy it easily and safely throughout the seasons, including jungle cruises that you paddle through the trees.
US KAYAK(Uradome coast sea kayak)


Leisurely kayaking & SUP (Stand Up Paddleboat)

SUP is a full body work out, such as balancing on the board or turning the board using a paddle.

Once you learn the basic actions, you can enjoy SUP freely in various styles, paddling, balancing and exercising so on.
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