Sand Painting Art Experience

How about to make your Sand Painting for memories of the Sand Dunes?


Make your original Sand Painting

When you bisit the dunes, why not try to experience sand painting? It’s so easy to make even for small kids and so interesting to paint with sand even for adults that you will forget about the time. There are two ways to make them, both of which are easy.


Original Sand Paintings ( Blank sticker card: 100 yen)

After drawing your favorite  sketch on a blank sticker card, cut it with a box cutter along the line. Then simply peel off the shapes, decorate and sprinkle colorful sand over the exposed sticky surface. The experience time is 20-60 minutes. Also, you can decorate the blank sticker card without using a box cutter and sprinkle colorful sand over exposed sticky surface, so even small children can experience it with ease.

Replica Sand Painting ( Pre-cut sticker card: 200 yen)

Select a favorite designed pre-cut card from several types prepared in advance, then simply peel off the pre-cut shapes, decorate and sprinkle sand over the exposed sticky surface. The experience time is 20-20 minutes. You can easily experience it. Unlike the Original Sand Painting, it is not necessary to draw a sketch, so even those who are not good at drawing can make the card well. More over, since it is a postcard, it is also possible to post it. Why not try to experience sand painting when you visit the dunes?

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