Camel Riding Experience

An exotic experience unique to Tottori Sand Dunes


A valuable camel riding experience rare in Japan!

This is rarein Japan, where you can experience camel riding through the dunes.

Enjoy a valuable experience at the Tottori Sand Dunes, one of Japan’s top tourist destinations.


Introducing cute & lovely camels! "Lisa"

The white camel “Lisa” is super photogenic. The guests love to take her photos and are the most frequently photographed! She came to Japan from the Netherlands. Please come to see her at the Tottori Sand Dunes.


Introducing cute & lovely camels! "Eikichi"

“Eikichi” is a boy dromedary camel. He is now an ace in the Tottori Sand Dunes.

Come to see him who suits the Tottori Sand Dunes.


Introducing cute & lovely camels! "Leon"

“Leon” is a boy, a newcomer who has just debuted Tottori Sand Dunes. He is having so much fun to carry guests on his back. The white camel “Lisa” is his mother. He was born in Tottori. He will be waiting for you coming to Tottori Sand Dunes!


Please take note of the following

*Business might be suspended in the case of inclement weather such as raining, thunder/lightning, and snowing.

*Camels cannot enter the Umanose( The Horse’s Back in the special protection area), so riding is a short circle riding around the platform.

*During the busiest holiday period in Japanm, Bon Festival in mid-August and Golden Week starting from the end of April to the beginning of May, only children might be allowed to ride by taking consideration of camel’s fatigue.

*If the child is not afraid of camel riding, the child can ride alone.( Child who can sit alone)

*Please kindly note that reservations are not accepted.

*There is also a charge for taking photos of camels only. ( 100 yen)


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Business Hours 10:00~16:00 ※Might be canceled due to inclement weather

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