White feathery snowflakes keep falling quietly.
It will cover the sand dunes with a blanket of snow.
Only you can hear is the sound of the wind blowing and the tide,
and the cries of black-tailed gulls that sounds sadly.
The sand dunes hibernate in snowy winter.
A blast of wind runs through the snowy dunes lying quietly,
and powdered snow is dancing in the clear blue sky.


Active Sand Dunes

The northwest wind dominates the dunes under the typical winter atmospheric pressure pattern west-high-east-low pressure distribution.  After strong wind being blown for a while, the snow covers the sand. The soft lines of the dunes become softer when covered with snow, and the round shadows snuggle up to the curves.  An oasis spills under the Umanose (the Horse’s back), reflecting the dark sky. Winter dunes are the monochrome and quiet world.

Tottori Sand Dunes covered with a blanket of snow

A blanket of snow sometimes covers the Tottori Sand Dunes  in one night.


Sandstorm to experience "Active Sand Dunes"

In winter, violent winds blow from the Sea of Japan. This is the “northwestern seasonal wind” that formed the Tottori Sand Dunes. A tour to experience this wind will also be held. This is worth  checking out.


Tottori Sand Dunes Illusion

Tottori Sand Dunes Illusion is now a romantic special feature of Tottori Sand Dunes in winter. It delights tourists and citizens for about 10 days every year.



It withers and completely disappears in summer.


Snow Roller

Natural roll cake